The most effective way to improve the accuracy of timekeeping

Let's briefly talk about the tourbillon, the tourbillon-incorporating the escapement speed control mechanism into a rotatable cage. Because the earth's gravity will cause the position error of the clock, in order to reduce the influence of the earth's gravity on the accuracy of the clock, the tourbillon mechanism rotates every minute to average the position error of the clock. Under the current technical conditions, it is to improve the clock's time. The most effective method for accuracy, in simple terms, everyone just needs to remember that a watch with a "wheel" (the brand should be hard) is very good.

During the vibration process of the traditional plane balance spring, due to the influence of the outer pile and the fixed structure of the fast and slow needles, the expansion-contraction movement of the balance spring is not concentric, and the eccentric movement will greatly disturb the vibration period, thus affecting the travel time accuracy. The hanging frame hairspring can make the balance spring system concentrically expand and contract during movement replcia Rolex, which improves the timekeeping accuracy of the clock. Simply put, the inner end of the flat balance spring is fixed on the inner pile, while the outer end is fixed on the outer pile; the inner end of the hanging frame is also fixed on the inner pile, and the outer end is bent and wound on the outer pile. . If you still doní»t understand, just ask Rolex (they are all like this).

Next comes-compensate the balance wheel. The full name of the compensation balance is called the bimetallic temperature compensation balance, which is also called the temperature compensation balance. It is most commonly called the bimetallic balance, and professionally called the compensation pendulum. In order to solve the impact of metal thermal expansion and contraction on the timekeeping accuracy of the watch, metals with different thermal expansion coefficients are used to form a bimetallic balance wheel to improve the timekeeping accuracy of the watch. The rim of this kind of balance wheel has fractures. Commonly, there are two fractures symmetrically distributed. Generally, there are 3 fractures of the balance wheel, which are evenly distributed at 120 degrees.

Letí»s briefly talk about the working principle of the sesame chain. When winding, from the thick end to the thin end, the sesame chain is wound around the tower wheel; when the mainspring is full, the torque is the largest, but the sesame chain is at the thinnest of the tower wheel. At the end, it takes a lot of force to drive the gear train to work; as time goes by, the mainspring torque becomes smaller and smaller, and the working position of the sesame chain also changes synchronously (recovered from the thin end to the thick end); through the sesame chain The structure can ensure the replica watches balance of the spring torque. The fuller the mainspring is, the torque transmitted through the tower wheel will decrease accordingly; the looser the mainspring, the torque transmitted through the tower wheel will increase accordingly. Through the diameter of the tower wheel, it is used to balance the change of the moment of the mainspring and keep the moment conveyed by the mainspring always balanced, thereby improving the accuracy of the clock. Because the size of the sesame chain and the tower wheel is relatively large, it is relatively easy to implement on larger clocks and pocket watches, and it is very difficult to implement on watches, so it is difficult to see. At present, it seems that Lange is willing to accept the challenge!