Now many Breitling replica watches are automatic mechanical watches

Mechanical watches are much more delicate than quartz watches. When many people doní»t pay attention to the correct way of wearing them, it is very easy to cause damage to the watch movement and cause various problems, including water ingress, magnetization, or damage to the watch. Strong external shocks, etc. will cause the watch to appear inaccurate.

Therefore, you must pay more attention to it in daily wear. Even if the watch has a waterproof function, do not let the watch get water easily, or take a bath or swimming, because the waterproof component of the watch is not allowed for a long time. It plays a good waterproof role. Also pay attention to avoiding electronic equipment when placing the watch to avoid magnetism. It is best to take off the watch or wear a special sports replica watches uk when exercising. Generally, mechanical watches are not suitable for sports.

Nowadays, many Breitling watches are automatic mechanical watches. The watch swings to provide enough power to wind the watch automatically. However, due to the relatively small amount of daily exercise of many office workers, they cannot provide enough power to wind the watch, so that the watch cannot be properly wound with insufficient kinetic energy. Operation, it will lead to inaccurate travel time, or even stop.

Including holidays, remember to wear a watch and keep enough activity to provide continuous kinetic energy for the watch. This is why many people will find that the watch is inaccurate after the holidays. When the amount of daily activity cannot fully wind the watch, manual winding can be used to compensate.

The structure of the Breitling mechanical watch movement is very delicate. No matter how much attention is paid to protection and wear, some problems will inevitably occur when the movement runs for a long time, such as the aging of the waterproof components mentioned above, the evaporation of the lubricant in the movement, and The accumulation of debris and loose screws caused by mechanical friction, etc., any problem in any link will directly cause the replica watches to become inaccurate.

So mechanical watches are like cars. They need regular maintenance to keep the watch running in good condition. At the same time, it can extend the service life of the watch. When the problem is not serious, it can be solved to avoid long-term continuous operation in bad conditions. And there is irreparable wear and tear.